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Research projects

Actual reseach projects

    Former research projects

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    2. Proposal of a new mixture based on sand mixing technological
    3. Proposal of a new mixture based on sand mixing technological
    4. Examination the mixing possibilities of sand
    5. Examination the mixing possibilities of sand
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    11. NKFP
    12. Determination of the optimal mixing ratio of lignite wastes into the clay minerals
    13. Complex examination of two different dolomite fillers
    14. Examination of antifreeze properties of ceramic roof tiles made from new clay minerals at Békéscsaba
    15. Examination the mixing ratio of clay mineral raw materials, mined from two different deposit in region of Békéscsaba
    16. Investigation the utilization of sanded layer from clay mineral mine to produce ceramic roof tiles
    17. Examinations of mechanical properties of IG-KI ceramic plates
    18. Examination of potencional raw materials in accordance to the productibility of ceramic bricks
    19. Development of engobe glaze for roof tiles of Creaton Hungary Ltd. using their own clay minerals
    20. Investigation of raw materials and extrusionability of silicon-carbide filters
    21. Examination of raw material mixtures and properties of clays used by Creaton Hungary Ltd
    22. Development of refractory items made with nano additives
    23. Development of the mixtures of bricks and concretes
    24. Examination of the fillers of Colas
    25. Examination of injecting and deep-drawing forces of barrels
    26. Development of a new method of base material-mixture for the grinding of K-5 technical ceramic
    27. Examination of glazing technology of the raw materials and the produced roof-tile from Csorna - Better glazing possibilities
    28. Examination of the fillers of Colas Group
    29. Determination of the optimum technological conditions of two different clays used in roof-tile industry
    30. Examination of drying sensitivity of clay used for roof-tile producing
    31. Examination of fast firing of the clay from Békéscsaba
    32. Examination of quartz sand and glass powder advert to roof-tile production
    33. Morphological tests of the clay from Békéscsaba
    34. Optimalization of the mixing ratio of quartz sand and glass-powder
    35. Determination of the optimum nmixing ratio of pore-forming additives
    36. Measurement and comparison of wear resistance and thermal shock resistance of newly developed K.5 type material
    37. Examination of the mixing ratio of lignite powder
    38. Research and Development of K-5 ceramic manufactured by CERLUX Ltd
    39. Analysis of flotation and magnetic barrens formed at the concentration of glass-sand
    40. Comparison examination of mineralogy, pore structural,grindability and thermoanalitic properties of the used clay of Tondach Rt. from the plant Békéscsaba and Jamina
    41. Development of hunch plate for the feed opening of MT 30N+F product
    42. Examination of hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties of fillers manufactured by Colas Északkő Magyarország - determination of oil absorption of mineral materials
    43. Examination of the mixing ratio of petrol coke
    44. Examination of utilizing possibilities of agricultural wastes in brick industrial products
    45. Examination of utilizing possibilities of maize stalk in brick industrial products
    46. Promotion of switching for manufacturing small-sized hilk bricks
    47. Examination of recycling technology of fired refuse formed at Gamma Kerámia Ltd
    48. Examination of deferrization of glass industrial raw materials, especially for the hungarian raw materials suppliers
    49. Development of technical properties of floor-tiles - as far as possible with the exploration of the best results - manufactured at plant Romhány of Zalakerámia
    50. Development of soft ferrite-based composite materials
    51. Examination of grindability of the clay from Mocsolád
    52. Examination of grindability of the clay from Solymár
    53. The effect of straw mixing for the producing and properties of brick industrial products
    54. Development of bulk-forming plugs by wear resistance ceramic used in the feed opening of vacuum extruder of MT30NF brick industrial product manufactured by the principal
    55. Optimalization of mixing ratio of rice peel and coal dust used in Principal's technology
    56. Determination of heat quantity at plant Mályi Tégla Ltd
    57. Comparison examination of porcelain glazes
    58. Determination of the content of contaminants
    59. Determination of combustion gas and heat quantity
    60. Decolourization of the brick surface - determination of the material content
    61. Optimalization of cold briquetting technology by the environmental contamination powders and sludges formed in metallurgy industry
    62. Examination of recycling of oily cínder with Syntumen content
    63. Examination of re-using and environmental effects of PE and PP regranulates
    64. Examination of the manufacturing technology of the polymer called Syntumen
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